Andres speaks


Here is a sample of articles I have written or in which I have participated with others.

Just after the tittle of each article I specify if I have signed the article in my personal capacity or if I signed in representation of an association or any other kind of initiative.

Interviews and courses

Here is a link series of radio programs or links to videos on YouTube with interviews or courses, or interviews in pdf.

Rants and raves

Here you can see my articles -published in the press or unpublished altogether. The common denominator is that I have written them on the spur of the moment.

I also use Twitter precisely for that kind of thing, so, at the bottom of this page you can see my tweets; that way, you will be able to see what I think when I am in a ranting or raving mood

Translations in which I have participated

Here you can see the translations in which I participated and which are public.

In some cases you will see the translations on the websites of organizations and entities in which I participate. In other cases you will have direct links to the translations themselves. But they are always, of course, translations that have been made public.

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