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Argituz demands “global gestures” to the State and to ETA in order to reconstruct society

This is an interview by Alvaro Gonzalez from Diario de Noticias de Alava back in November 2011.

Here is a small part of the interview:

“All victims have the right to truth, justice, reparation and there should be no distinction whatsoever attributable to either the victim’s or the perpetrator’s political orientation or any other cause”. Such is the mantra that emanates from the very United Nations General Assembly and this is what shows us the way in Argituz. This is why Argituz recommends there should be “declarations recognizing injustice” and the adoption by the authorities with “commitments in terms of prevention, and guarantee of non-repetition” of harm. “Both by ETA and by the State”, he insists.

NON DISCRIMINATION… This is the basis of the conclusions that Argituz exhibited last week before the commission in charge of the situation of the other victims in the Basque Country, the title under which this parliament agreed to place the 164 to 250 deaths that were perpetrated by “parapolice” and “extreme right wing” violence. This association advocated for providing such initiatives with a “global perspective” that contributes to pay off the “historical debt” that in its opinion has been the result of political confrontation, which translated into an “asymmetrical legislation” which is maintained in practice –contravening International Lawl– which provides “different rights” to “different victims”. “There is much work ahead in terms of pedagogic and social consensus for all instances of suffering to be completely recognized at all levels”, Argituz warns, conscious of the fact that “in contexts of collective violence, the confronting sides build up more cohesioned and exclusive memories of collective violence  violencia in which each side’s grievances are recognized, but in which the others are ignored or even despised”. “Part of the search for solutions has to do with respecting the grief of others”, Krakenberger underlines.

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I will be translating into English all of my articles and interviews in due course. Once I get to translate this one, I shall be publishing the full translation here. In the meantime, the whole interview is available in Spanish in the link above…