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Changing Registers

As musicians well know, a change in register is not always easy, and people tend to be creatures of habits, always preferring the beaten path, even though the circumstances turn out to be different. This is often a consequence of pure inertia, but sometimes it is a matter of conviction, either because one does not agree with a particular instance of change, or because of spurious interests. There are also cases in which this may be merely due to negligence or lack of instructions: nobody remembered to tell those obeying orders that such orders were no longer valid.

This is an article I participated in back in June 2011 in a context of teamwork within the Argituz Human Rights Association that had to do with the resistance to change in the Basque context. Violence was no longer present, and certain sectors in society, together with the Spanish State authorities were curiously clearly reluctant to change, and in terms of human rights they were -and still are today- reluctant to change in terms of recognizing the rights of victims of undue use of State violence. I was extremely fortunate to sign this article together with my friends and colleagues Jon Landa, Sabino Ormazábal, Xabier Urmeneta, Bertha Gaztelumendi, Ella Clarke, Pedro Larraia, Fernando Armendariz, Iñaki Lekuona and Benito Morentin.

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