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Companies, governments and human rights

This is an article I had the pleasure of signing with my friends and colleagues from Argituz, Olatz Landa, Izaskun Alonso and Eva Silván back in October 2013. Companies are both subjects and agents in terms of human rights. It was high time to reflect on the matter and also on local terms.

This is part of the article:

“Beyond the final result of the process in the Spanish level, the Basque Government is now before an interesting opportunity to promote and stimulate certain types of production and consumer behaviours, while penalizing others. Bearing in mind the interesting process we have been experiencing in the Basque Country over the last few years, we believe that one of the signs of identity of the Euskadi Basque Country brand that is now being promoted should be the respect for the human rights of all people.

For this reason, Argituz encourages the Basque Government, from its position of co-responsibility, to design and develop collaborative measures that guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms in Basque companies and in all their areas of influence, here and in the territories in which they operate, and that implies guaranteeing such rights to those people they subcontract with or supply. It is only in this way that we shall be able to contribute an added value to differentiate and make our companies more competitive. And more so in the current context, which is marked by the economic crisis: the criteria of respecting human rights should not be perceived as an additional and unsurmountable burden, but -we believe- as a strategic point which is favourable for our image as a country as well as in terms of local sustainability and that of the planet as a whole. This is a matter of committing to a more visionary and fair future, based on models of rights-based, integrating and innovative human development”.

It is my intention to fully translate all of my articles in due course. When I do get to translate this particular one, I shall be publishing its full translation here. In the meantime, you can see the original Spanish and Basque versions in the links below:

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