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The Right to International Solidarity: A new right for new times?

“The Right to International Solidarity: A new right for new times?” is an article we published back in August 2014. It was a joint article by Josu Oskoz, Juan Ibarrondo and myself. The United Nations Human Rights Council was then examining a projected Declaration on the Right of Peoples and Individuals to international solidarity. In the article we defined such a right, which we considered a fundamental right. as a right “on the basis of which all human beings and all peoples have the right to benefit from, on a basis of equality and without discrimination, from a harmonious society with a just and fair world political and economic order in which all fundamental human rights and freedoms may be fully exercised”. We, the authors, also considered that overcoming the main challenges confronting humanity, sucg as global warming or the erradication of poverty or hunger, depended on international solidarity .As with most articles, I will be translating it to English sometime soon. Once I do, I will be publishing it in English here.. In the meantime, you can see the article in the original versión it was published in, in the links below,

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