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The very last of the last.

This is an article I wrote together with Xabier Urmeneta back in 2011 for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is every year on 3rd December.

This is part of the article:

“It seems people with disabilities are the last we remember in terms of recognizing their rights, but the first with whom we wish to economize. This is perhaps because, even though we cannot admit it openly, they are still considered second-class citizens. The worst is not that nobody is against such measures, but that nobody has reminded us that the times have changed and now the de-facto discrimination they are suffering is unacceptable. The time has come to change: these people cannot always be the last to benefit from improvements and the first to suffer cuts in rights and in the economy”.

It is my intention to translate all my articles in due course. Once I get to fully translate this article into English, I shall be publishing it here. In the meantime, the full article in Spanish and in Basque can be read in the links below.

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