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There will be no comparisons if there is no discrimination

This is a jointly-written article with my Friends and colleagues in Argituz, Sabino Ormazábal, Jon Landa and myself (recently Jon has taken up responsibilities as the head of the Human Rights and Public Administrations Chair in the University of the Basque Country that are incompatible with activism in any human rights NGO, so we no longer have him as a member in the association. This, of course, does not stop us from asking him occasionally for advice in terms of human rights and, of course, sharing the odd coffee with him…

This article was written as a reaction to certain public pronouncements and attitudes that denied -and in some cases still deny- the condition of victim to victims of human rights violations by law-enforcement officials in the Basque context. This is why, although this article was written in November 2015, it could still be quite valid nowadays… As in the other articles, I will be translating this article in due course. For now, you can see the original version in the links below.

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