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This is certainly no Op-Ed piece

In this article from back in March 2013, Juan Ibarrondo, Bertha Gaztelumendi and a myself analyze the situation in prisons comparing it to what is established in international law. We say this is certainly no Op-Ed piece, because nothing of what we say in it is an opinion, but facts plain and simple. We are the ones seeking the readers’ opinions… 

This is part of the article:

“Perhaps the words of Dutchman Baruch Spinoza, the philosopher that was a forerunner of the Illustration, can offer some light when interpreting the principles of law we refer to in this article. Spinoza considered that hate, revenge and also repentance were not virtues that proceed from reason; they are instead passions connected to sadness. This is how he came to the conclusion that “whoever wishes to avenge offenses by means of reciprocity in hate without doubt leads a miserable life”. At the same time, he considered that “what brings us to attaining the common society of mankind, that is, what makes men live in harmony, is useful”.

Therefore, this article is no ordinary Op-Ed piece, as on this occasion we do not pretend to voice our opinion on people serving sentences in prison, nor do we wish to say what we think about their situation. Our intention, on the other hand is to remind people about a series of principles that are often forgotten and which are part of International Law. It is you, who is reading this article, who has to voice your opinion on the degree of fulfilment of these norms in our immediate surroundings”.

It is my intention to translate all my articles in full in due course. Once I get to translate this particular one, I shall post it here. In the meantime, you can read the article in its original version in Spanish and Basque in the links below.

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