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Welcome everybody to my new website!!!

Enough said. You are all welcome to my new website… as in any new building that has just been opened, there may still be the odd room in which the paint on the walls is still quite wet, or in which the scaffolding and tools have not yet been picked up, but I sincerely hope you will find the place cosy and, above all, interesting.

This is not the first website I have been working on, but it is the first time I have had one made for me. The websites I used to make years ago were all pretty primitive html websites which of course have become completely outdated. So now here goes my first adventure in a state-of-the-art php wordpress website! The fact of the matter is, I had completely forgotten the last-minute rush to meet deadlines and have everything ready for the website! I had completely forgotten what it was to discover just a few days before the intended publishing date what it was to have another twenty five or thirty entries to check and/or translate.

All of this has made me feel young again!

This website is really as complex as the person behind it: there are spaces dedicated to human rights, spaces dedicated to translations and interpretations, which is another of my professional endeavours, spaces dedicated to music, and with time, there will be other things as well…

I hope you find it all useful, because that is basically the whole idea…