Argituz is a non-profit association for promotion and defence of human rights. Its mission is to contribute, in the Basque Country, to bringing about a situation in which all people have their rights duly respected in accordance with International Human Rights Law.

In pursuit of this objective, Argituz’s work consists of undertaking human rights culture promotion, dissemination and extension work, with special emphasis on research and documentation of human rights abuse.

It will also promote public debate regarding such abuse, based on rigorous evaluation and in the periodical issuing of recommendations.

In order to reach such objectives, Argituz works to unveil and document cases of Human Rights abuse, comparing praxis in society with International Human Rights Law. It will come to conclusions and issue recommendations that it will take to the forums it deems opportune, placing special emphasis on decision-making forums.

When decisions affecting human rights are made by the authorities, Argituz assesses them and evaluates them after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Argituz has endowed itself with a decision-making system in which internal transparency and democracy will prevail at all times. Reaching prior consensus is a strong component of the decision-making process.

I am a founding member and President of the Association since 2009.

I have responsibilities in overall coordination and accounting supervision.

I am in charge of tax-related work with the local Deputations and other agencies and I am also responsible for the administration of receipts and payments.

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