Over 35 years of Human Rights Activism

1981-2008: In Amnesty International’s Spanish section. That included:

1981-1986: Coordinator of activities on the USSR. Countries and Regional Action Network Coordinator.

1986-1988: Vice-President of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Section of Amnesty International.

1988-1994: Activism in the local Vitoria-based Amnesty International group, for some years I was either Group Coordinator or Treasurer.

1994-1995: Member of Team against the Death Penalty in the Amnesty International Spanish Section Secretariat. During this period we organized the campaign that fortunately brought about the abolition of the death penalty the Military Penal Code, which had remained in force for certain crimes in wartime. With this, we achieved the total abolition of this cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment in the Spanish legislation.

1997-2001: Chair of the Amnesty International Spanish Section Federal Executive Committee. During this period I would highlight a particularly intense period of activity during the Pinochet case.

2001-2007: I was elected, on two occasions, Amnesty International coordinator for the Basque Country and Navarre.

ALL THESE ACTIVITIES WERE CARRIED OUT ON A VOLUNTEER ACTIVIST BASIS. But they were certainly fundamental in terms of my training in human rights.

Amnesty International can be contacted either through its main international website here or by means of the website of the Spanish Section, here, of which I was the Chair between 1997 and 2001