From Krakenberger.ORG I am offering my services in various fields, such as:

1. Translation and Interpretation
2. Human Rights activism
3. Tuition
4. Collaboration in radio programs

Servicios Andres Krakenberger

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Translation and Interpretation

I am part of a team of extremely experienced translators and interpreters, all of whom I know personally.

I have spent many years translating technical texts in the industrial sector, as well as legal texts and I can say that my specialty –and that of many of my colleagues in the team- is the translation of texts on human rights.

For more information about us, visit this site


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Human Rights Activism

Every injustice can be corrected so as to make sure it does not affect any more people and at the same time it is necessary to ensure reparation of any possible damages.

In situations of manifest injustice, it is best to get organized and take action.

It is for this purpose that I offer guidance on the legal requirements for the creation of associations, working with the media, outreach work and fundraising, as well as on the general day-to-day operation of an association.

I can also cooperate in launching such initiatives.

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At present I participate in human rights courses in Spanish and in Basque within the Asmoz Foundation.

I have been carrying out such courses for several years now.

Originally, they were generic courses on human rights, on other occasions such courses focused on the situation of the Basque Country and finally, more recently we have targetted specific sectors of professionals to train in human rights.

This year’s Asmoz course –in Spanish and in English- focuses on human rights for journalists.

For more information, see the Asmoz website here.

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Collaboration in Radio programs

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have a section on Blues in a radio program. This program, which was broadcast on Saturdays in the Onda Vasca radio station was called Summertime Euskadi. You have the program’s mp3 file depository here at your disposal.

I am currently collaborating also in Onda Vasca on an occasional basis in the nightly talk shows in the Gabon (“Good night”) program moderated by Eider Hurtado.

I am fascinated by radio as a medium. Hopefully I can soon be in charge of another section like the one I had with Summertime Euskadi.